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11 Nov 2020

Mortgage Rates are Going Up – The Reasons and Challenges for Homebuyers

Mortgage lenders are currently raising their interest rates, in a bid to cope with heightened demand.

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9 Nov 2020

Why the Cost of Renting is Falling in London

Multiple sources suggest renting in London has gotten cheaper in the past few months. We explore why.

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5 Nov 2020

Why Overseas Buyers Are in a Rush to Buy

While most buyers are facing a race against time to complete their home purchase before the stamp duty holiday expires at the end of March, overseas buyers have another deadline to contend with.

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30 Oct 2020

Green Mortgages – The Future of The Market?

The UK housing market is seeing the development of green mortgages – a type of loan tailored for buyers of energy-efficient properties.

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27 Oct 2020

How Lenders Will Continue Supporting Mortgage Holders

Mortgage payment holidays, payment plans and canceling interest rates are some ways.

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23 Oct 2020

People Told to Start Application Process in November Before Stamp Duty Ends

Potential homebuyers have been urged to start their homebuying journey at the beginning of November if they want to buy before the stamp duty holiday expires.

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21 Oct 2020

Airbnb Under the Microscope

The tax crackdown on short-term lets

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10 Oct 2020

The State of Play on House Prices

We Analyse the Ups and Downs of House Prices

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