1 Feb 2019

Mortgages for freelancer contract workers


As a freelancer, you are probably thinking that you need two or three years accounts to get a lender to agree your mortgage application.

As a Fixed Term Contractor operating as a freelancer, please do not fear, we are here to help you.

It may have been the mortgage adviser in your local branch that told you that you do not have sufficient history.

Nothing could be further than that, because we at Contractor Mortgages Direct can obtain a mortgage for you without manipulating your status and approach High Street banks, to achieve this end.

You are probably wondering how we do this, the correct answer is years of experience in packaging mortgage applications, specialist brokers who know and can discuss your application with the decision-makers within the lender.

Our mortgage brokers have many years of experience packaging mortgage applications to the lender, in a presentable manner.

Typically we only require your contract to enable us to get you underwritten, day 1 contractors are acceptable to some of the banks that we deal with.

Some lenders also require bank statements to verify receipt of contract income really is a wide variety of lenders that we deal with and each has their own stance on documents required.

We have great relationships with the lenders and we get access to market-leading interest rates that are not available in-branch, exclusive fixed rates.

Contractor Mortgages are made easy at Contractor Mortgages Direct.

If you are a freelance contractor operating through a limited company or through a payroll umbrella, speak to us so that we can pre-qualify you.

Please do not go to your bank, and speak to them, as they will not understand how you operate as they do not have the experience to deal with you, they tend to look for vanilla applicants, with payslips, anything other than this they just do not get.

The contractor policy is an extremely difficult one to navigate between the lenders, each lender has their own niches.

We deal with many clients who tell us that they had been to a previous mortgage broker or bank and they were unsuccessful when they find us, they half believe that we can do what we say, and agree as they feel they have nothing else to lose but give us a go.

We don't want you to feel like that, our clients are over the moon after we secure them a formal mortgage offer.

The best bit, we give you help, guidance and support free of charge, yes that is right FEE FREE.

There is no set algorithm to determine if you qualify, freelancers require specialist guidance and a good understanding of the process before submission.

Why not give us a call and speak to one of our brokers, you can also leave an online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Mortgages for freelancer contract workers

We will be able to help you, each situation is unique, speak to us and we will be happy to help you.

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